Electric Rush is now available!

June 1st, 2015

What’s an electric girl gotta do to just die already?

Electric Rush, Necrolectric Part 1, an urban fantasy serial.

Eve’s having a pretty craptastic night. Electricity is flowing through her like a Fourth of July sparkler gone wrong. Her friend Trevor, a warmhearted hit man, has gone off grid when she needs him most, and a darkly handsome, well-meaning Good Samaritan just rescued her from her murder in progress. If she could get dying marked off her to-do list, it would really turn her night around.

With thousands of years of a magically cursed life behind him and thousands of lives cut short at his hands, Alaric Cole doesn’t surprise easily. So when the mysterious woman he saves from being killed asks him to finish the job—and won’t take no for an answer—he’s intrigued, and piles on the smiles and charm to try to persuade her to reconsider her death request. He doesn’t expect her to trigger a side effect of one of his curses, though, one that will leave him in ruins if he can’t convince her to stay alive…and stay with him.

This is the first installment of Necrolectric, an urban fantasy book series and companion to the Necrolectric webseries, which is now streaming on YouTube.

This is an Amazon exclusive title, only 99 cents, or free if you have Kindle Unlimited! Grab Electric Rush here.

Read the first chapter here.

We’re hard at work writing the next installment, Electric Flux. The first chapter preview is currently only available at the end of Electric Rush, but we’ll be making it available elsewhere soon.

We hope you love reading Electric Rush. When you’re done, check out the Necrolectric web series, episode one, and see how the book compares to the show.

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Acting on Impulse is free on Kindle

February 20th, 2015

With Oscar weekend upon us, we decided a fun way to celebrate the glitz and glamour of the Hollywood we love so much was to make the first book in our Hollywood Heat series free on Amazon Kindle. Hollywood Heat Free

Grab it on Amazon now.

Acting on Impulse is free for five days only, so make sure to go download your copy before it returns to regular price.

Acting on Impulse is an old favorite of ours–the second story we wrote and the first one published, waaaaaaay back in 2003. We recently polished up the story, added a couple thousand words to it, and released it again, so even if you read it when it first released oh-so-long ago, we think it’s worth checking out again…especially when it’s free. 😉 We hope you enjoy it!



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Get Distracted…and an Impulsive Freebie!

December 8th, 2014

Driven to Distraction by Ashleigh Raine

We have some good news to share. Driven to Distraction has been out of print now for the last few months, and it’s now available again with a gorgeous new cover at about half its original digital price.

Grab your copy of Driven to Distraction for only $2.99 at all major digital retailers!

Amazon, All Romance eBooks, Barnes and Noble, Google Play, iTunes, Kobo, Smashwords

And the second bit of AWESOME news. Acting on Impulse, the first story in the Hollywood Heat series, is available for free at most retailers. We’re still waiting on a few sites to get caught up (Amazon, B&N, we’re looking at you–update your darn pricing!) So if you haven’t read Acting on Impulse yet, or if you have a friend you want to introduce to Ashleigh Raine, you can do it now for FREE!

All Romance eBooks, Google Play, Kobo, iTunes

Edited on December 10 to add: Smashwords is now free!

Enjoy the Hollywood Heat!

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Spark up!

November 4th, 2014

Two years ago we started writing the first Necrolectric script. Today, episode 1 is now live. It’s been a long time coming. We hope you enjoy the show. We hope you love it like we do.

Word of mouth is hugely important in any entertainment venture, so please tell anyone you know who loves romantic paranormal books or shows about Necrolectric, and let us know what you think by leaving comments here, or on the YouTube video. Check out the Necrolectric website for exclusive photos and merchandise. You can also follow the Necrolectric Twitter feed @Necrolectric or follow Necrolectric on Facebook. Thank you!

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For our Talisman Bay fans

October 30th, 2014

Did anyone notice the Talisman Bay Easter egg in the Necrolectric trailer? For those of you who don’t know, Necrolectric is a spin-off of the Talisman Bay series. Though there are no crossover characters in the first season, there are actually two references to Talisman Bay, one in episode 4 and the other in episode 6, (both of which will be airing in 2015), but you can see the episode 4 reference in the trailer. Did you catch it?


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Necrolectric is almost here!

October 30th, 2014


We’re thrilled to announce the online release date for the web series we wrote and produced, Necrolectric. Episode 1 will spark up on Tuesday, November 4, with episode 2 available one week later on November 11, and episode 3 on November 18, then we’ll return in early 2015 with the last three episodes of the season. The episodes will be available on our YouTube channel www.youtube.com/necrolectricseries. Make sure you follow the channel so you don’t miss an episode!

We hope you’ll go on this journey with us. We’re so excited to share these characters with you, and hope you’ll love them as much as we do. Watch for the novelization of the web series, coming in 2015.

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San Diego Comic Con 2014

July 20th, 2014

Who’s going to be at San Diego Comic Con next week? Not only will the Necrolectric cast be signing on Friday, July 25, from 1-4 in Holzheimer’s booth #3745, but we’ll be signing copies of Lover’s Talisman, Forsaken Talisman and Driven to Distraction as well. We hope to see some of you there!

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Getting Interviewed

July 20th, 2014

We’ve had a lot of fun being interviewed by some awesome people recently regarding our upcoming web series, Necrolectric. If you’re interested in knowing more about us, the web series and the book series that will go along with it, check out these interviews.

NiceGirlsTV (print interview)

ComicsOnline (video interview, where you can see Jen talk too fast and too much)

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A new venture, more stories to tell

June 11th, 2014

If you follow us on Facebook or Twitter, this is old info to you, but for those of you just checking in to see what we’ve been up to, we’re pretty excited to share with you.

Even though we haven’t had a new book out in a couple years, we’re still writing and creating, just not in the same way (though we’re getting back to that…and I’ll explain more in a bit). We took a big step about 20 months ago and began creating a web series. In some ways, it actually wasn’t too much of a stretch for us. We’ve always loved paranormal. We’ve always loved Hollywood and have worked on and off in the entertainment industry since the ’90s. It’s been a lot of work, a lot of passion, cost a lot of money and caused a lot of sleepless nights, but we’re so proud of what we’ve put together, with the help, sweat and tears of our amazingly talented cast and crew.

Necrolectric will be releasing this summer. The first season is six episodes, approximately 20 minutes each. Basically over the last year we wrote and shot what amounts to a feature-length film. It’s been a life-changing experience. And we’re not ending here. While we’re in post-production on season one, getting the episodes edited and ready for release, we’re in pre-production on season two. Plus, Lisa and I are writing the novelization of the first season. We’ve written novels, but this is the first time we’re translating scripts we’ve written into novel form. That’s a whole new experience, and fun too. We hope to release the book, Electric Rush, around the same time as the web series releases.

A fun fact about Necrolectric: It’s a spin-off of our Talisman Bay book series. As we were writing book 3, Eternal Talisman, (and we’re so, so sorry about the continued delay with that book. We do plan on finishing it, we promise!), we introduced two characters, brothers, Alaric and Cas, and fell madly in love with them. Afraid they were going to steal the show in the Talisman Bay series, Lisa and I decided to write a spin-off series for them, which ended up becoming our web series. And Necrolectric was born.

New body. Same spark.

A woman struggling with her mysterious need to constantly die and come back to life begins to unravel the truth of who she really is when she teams up with a young woman who relives others’ deaths, a young man who talks to ghosts, a cursed immortal, and his electrically charged brother to solve a series of supernatural murders.

Wanna know more about what’s going on with Necrolectric? Follow us here:

YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/NecrolectricSeries

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Necrolectric
Twitter: https://twitter.com/Necrolectric
Instagram: http://instagram.com/necrolectric

Thanks for helping us keep the spark alive.


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Cleaning your kid’s closet?

May 22nd, 2013

Every year around this time, my aunt and uncle send a message out to the family asking for any kid clothing hand-me-downs. My aunt and uncle do a lot of volunteer work with their church, and I never asked what they’re using the clothing for. I’ve just used it as an excuse to venture into my son’s closet–GAH!–and get rid of anything I no longer recognize. If he hasn’t worn it in the last year, either it doesn’t fit or he doesn’t like it that much, so we don’t need to keep it anymore. This year I talked more with my aunt and learned the this clothing is going to abused kids in the foster system–boys and girls ages 7-12–who often have nothing but the clothing on their back when they’re removed from their homes. My heart broke thinking of all these kids, ones who’ve been shown abuse and neglect instead of the love they deserve, and I wanted to do more than clean my son’s closet and hand a few sets of clothes over.

The Internet makes our world a much smaller place, allowing me to reach out beyond the circle of people I know locally. I’m collecting clothes from anyone who wants to send me something. I want to make sure that we clothe as many kids as we can. I will happily make multiple trips to my aunt and uncle’s house an hour away to bring them boxes and boxes of clothes.

What we’re looking for: Clothing for boys and girls ages 7-12. Pants, shirts, jackets, swimsuits, shorts, sweaters. etc… Any hand-me-downs (without holes or stains please).

When we need it by: June 15

Where to send it: Ashleigh Raine 22504 6th Street, Newhall, CA 91321

If you live locally and want to drop it off, please email me first at ashleigh@ashleighraine.com. The above is my husband’s work address, so we’d need to make other arrangements.

As a small token of my appreciation, I will email a digital copy of Acting on Impulse to anyone who donates, whether one item or boxes full. You can email me to let me know you’ve shipped something and what your preferred format is, or include that info in a note with the clothes.

Thanks to everyone who helps, either by sending something or sharing this information with others. I’m excited to see what we can do together.

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