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Blue Moon
Lorie O'Clare

Sandy Parks accepts her widow status in the pack. Her daughter's success and status as queen bitch give Sandy the status she needs to lead a good life. Only one thing is missing: the touch of a werewolf, the companionship of a mate.

Ralph Hipp is tired of simply protecting Sandy from a distance. Too many strays chance upon her, hoping for a nibble from the youthful-looking widow. It's time to make his move, show her this old werewolf still has a few tricks up his sleeve.

Together they prove life and love can be hotter second time around.

Shadow Hunter
J.C. Wilder

Retired Shadow Hunter and were-cat, Ulrik the Fair, is forced out of retirement when a rogue werewolf calls for his blood. It's Halloween in New Orleans, and the last thing the Council needs is open warfare between the were-cats and the wolves. Just when he thought things were under control, a beautiful complication by the name of Charlene arrives on the scene.

As the full moon rises, the cat begins stalking its prey...

Twofold Desires
Ashleigh Raine

A few days before Halloween, and flower shop owner Jill Evans' biggest excitement is carving pumpkins and spraying gladiolus orange and black. She attends a Halloween singles bash, looking to add a little fun to her boring life.

Leo and Arden have searched eighteen years for a woman to break their cursed existence. With only a few nights remaining until death claims them, Jill dances into their lives, pure and sweet and exactly what they're looking for.

Only love can break the curse, but then everything about them changes...

Although loosely connected to the Talisman Bay series, Twofold Desires can be read as a stand-alone.