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Ellora’s Cavemen: Legendary Tails IV

Includes Orgasm Fairy by Ashleigh RaineOrgasm Fairy
Ashleigh Raine

For Orgasm Fairy Cammie Witherspoon, frustration is a way of life. She helps people deal with their sexual frustration every day, but nothing and no one can help ease her own. You see, Orgasm Fairies can’t orgasm. It’s part of their curse.

Crystal-eyed, dark haired, and all-over hottie Neal Fallon is determined to seduce Cammie. And even though nothing can “come” of it, she knows Neal will make her feel more than she’s felt in a very long time.

Boy oh boy, is she in for a wicked good surprise.

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5 Blue Ribbons from Romance Junkies!

“ELLORA’S CAVEMEN: LEGENDARY TAILS IV is a book sure to have something for everyone. Each of the tales contains lovable characters, intense situations, and let’s not forget very hot sex. Here’s your chance to experience genres you may not have ventured into before and discover the joys to be found in a few of the Ellora’s Cave author’s imaginations.”

Orgasm Fairy comments: “…delightfully humorous…”

–Crissy Dionne for Romance Junkies

5 Hearts from Love Romances!

“If you are looking for something rich, creamy, and taste bud titillating without the calories, then this diversely erotically flavored anthology will definitely fulfill that craving! This is one of the best Ellora’s Cave anthologies to hit the shelves! It does not get any better than a 5-heart rating or the six erotically honed authors published within.”

Orgasm Fairy comments: “…a sidesplitting, orgasmic laughing tale that will leave you blissfully aroused. Ms. Raine’s cutting edge humor and exotic style is novel. The readers are going to go wild over this story! Sex, fairies, and biting humor; what a winning combination!”

–Janalee Ruschhaupt for Love Romances

5 Angels and a Recommended Read from Fallen Angel Reviews!

“Ellora’s Cavemen: Legendary Tails 4 has not only lived up to its predecessors, but surpassed them. From the hilarious antics of The Orgasm Fairy to the harsh real life drama of Seeds of Yesterday and all the wonderful stories in between, Ellora’s Cavemen: Legendary Tails 4 is a book to be read over and over again.”

Orgasm Fairy comments: “What a way to start an anthology! I had a really hard time stifling my laughter…Both Cammie and Neal were great characters that really leapt off the page. The ending was a great twist and the room? Oh my goodness did I laugh at that description! I hope that there will be more Orgasm Fairies having to make up for selfish first lives.”

–Serena for Fallen Angel Reviews

4 Cups from Coffee Time Romance!

“Ellora’s Cavemen Legendary Tales IV is a refreshingly different set of six stories. All are super hot…What I loved best was the new spin these stories had. Each one with an unusual twist or unique idea, this group of authors present us with tantalizing teasers of their writing. So much for the tasty entree, I’m ready to bite into the main meal with each of these talented writers now. I’m sure they will whet your appetite as well.”

Orgasm Fairy comments: “…very entertaining and humorous…Cammie and Neal are likeable and the sex very hot between them. It definitely is worth a read and a giggle.”

–Wendy for Coffee Time Romance

5 Stars from eCataRomance Reviews!

“Legendary Tails IV is an anthology that has combined so many fantastic authors and stories…filled with lust, passion and ultimately love. I loved reading each and every one of these stories for their own unique characters and plot. I cannot pick just one because they all hold their own place in my heart and to choose just one would be almost next to impossible. So do yourself a favor and buy this anthology immediately, do not wait, because temptation is only a heartbeat away.”

Orgasm Fairy comments: “Ashleigh Raine has created a couple that not only surprise themselves but also made me laugh myself to tears. It is not everyday you get to read about an Orgasm Fairy that cannot orgasm themselves. Witty, comical and highly entertaining…”

–Sheryl for eCataRomance Reviews

4/5 Stars from Just Erotic Romance Reviews!

Orgasm Fairy comments: “Heat level: Orgasmic! Ashleigh Raine’s Orgasm Fairy is a humorous sexy romp that had me smiling from beginning to end…Very quick paced, Cammie and Neal literally burn the pages of this short novella. Together they not only quench their mutual thirst, but they also discover that they are perfect for each other and for more reasons than just mutual sexual chemistry. Orgasm Fairy is the sort of story that makes you smile, and makes you squirm, in a rather good and naughty way.”

–Mireya Orsini for Just Erotic Romance Reviews

“…a totally delightful, sinfully delicious, wonderfully sexy treat from the first page to the last. These stories deliver humour, passion, sensitive, touching moments, whimsy and intriguing characters…there is something in this anthology for every taste and enough to leave you wanting more. Enjoy a respite from the normal and embrace your passionate side with this series of wonderful stories.”

Orgasm Fairy comments: “…wonderfully delightful and proves love is indeed the most powerful force in the universe. A whimsical sexy tale that will definitely bring you a grin, or two.”

–Leola Brooks for The Eternal Night

5 Kisses from Romance Divas!

Orgasm Fairy comments: “Some stories try to be funny and fall flat. Ashleigh Raine nailed the humor, making this an enjoyable read. Not only are her characters perfectly matched for one another, she picked the perfect setting to complement them. An overall enjoyable read and one I highly recommend.”

–Stacey Brutger for Romance Divas

“In my honest opinion, I don’t think Ellora’s Cave could have put together six better stories by six better authors. There isn’t one story in this mix that I didn’t thoroughly enjoy, each one delicious and steamy in its own way…Ellora’s Cavemen: Legendary Tails IV is a wonderful collection of stories that I very much recommend!”

–Melissa for Joyfully Reviewed

“Legendary Tails IV is filled with strong heroes and heroines plus entertaining storylines, there isn’t a weak link in the bunch.”

Orgasm Fairy comments: “With more than a touch of humor and lots of erotic action, Orgasm Fairy was an easy read. Cammie and Neal are just wonderful together as they explore ways to give Cammie what she has been missing.”

–Susan Tam for The Road to Romance

4 ½ Cupids from Cupid’s Library!

“This anthology is incredible…The level of writing and characterization each story has is excellent. The authors taking part in this anthology are all superior writers…it is a definite must read. Each story will capture your attention and hold on to your heart…For new readers trying this publisher for the first time this is absolutely the best primer and introduction to what makes Ellora’s Cave such a fantastic erotic romance publisher. It also exemplifies the incredible talent and imagination some of their best writers possess. For present fans of these writers and Ellora’s Cave Legendary Tails series this is a must buy because it will keep you smiling, sighing, and panting throughout.”

Orgasm Fairy comments: “ORGASM FAIRY is a funny and very witty novella. The dynamics between Cammie and Neal are wonderful and their pent up sexual frustrations makes their coupling not only exciting but at times hilarious. Their night of frenzied sex is so hot and comical you find yourself laughing and fanning yourself at the same time…This is a fast paced story with great moments of erotica and comedy with two characters that were a delight to read about…This story will definitely leave you chuckling…”

–Marina for Cupid’s Library Reviews

4 ½ Roses from A Romance Review!

Orgasm Fairy comments: “…really cute scenes and the fast paced, clever dialogue is reminiscent of Mary Janice Davidson.”

–Jackie for A Romance Review

Includes Orgasm Fairy by Ashleigh Raine!

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